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2016 Fieldwork Plans

This year we will be working on the archives for the previous 100+ years of research at Basing House. We will not be digging, but we will be sharing our research work on the Basing House blog and Facebook page.

Interim Report 2014 – Recording Methodology

Recording Methodology The excavation was recorded by staff and supervised students using University of Southampton context sheets. This archive was supplemented by a dig diary kept by staff. A conventional digital photographic record of the site was recorded with all contexts and finds photographed in plan. Plan and elevation drawings were made onsite where appropriate. […]

New Facebook Page

The 2015 has a new Facebook page that you can follow to keep up to date with the dig team while we are on site this summer. The old page is still available to browse through if you are feeling nostalgic, but we won’t be updating it this year. To find the new page in Facebook, […]

Portraits of Diggers

As per last year, part way through the season I became fascinated by the physicalness of digging. I’m always struck by the way that excavators manipulate their bodies whilst digging, fitting themselves into tiny gaps, like those internet meme photos of cats in glass bowls. The angles necessary to really get your trowel into the […]

Magnetometer Survey at Basing Common

Originally posted on Kristian Strutt:
After the successes of the surveys and excavation at Basing House in 2014, a second season of work is being conducted by the Basing House CAT project ( directed by Nicole and Gareth Beale. Work on the excavation is ongoing, and can be seen on the project blog. In addition…

Facebook Page for Basing House

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