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Portraits of Archaeologists

We had 57 people dig in our 1960s trenches over the previous three weeks. Many of them were snapped by me, our photographer Peter Wheeler, or by one of our Student Reporters, whilst we all photographed the various features, sections, postholes and finds. Not everyone was caught on camera, and these portraits are only a […]


Day 17 – A View from the Trench Edge – by Sophie, Jamie and Sam

On the penultimate day of the excavation Sophie took a few minutes out with a number of members of the excavation team to ask them about their views on the project and if it had met the aims set out at the start. Dave (Co-Director) “The dig has been very successful, in that we have […]

Meet the Team – Gareth Beale

What will you be doing at Basing House? As well as helping to manage the every day running of the excavation I am also going to be responsible for high tech digital recording. I am going to be showing people how we use high tech recording technologies such as RTI, photogrammetry and laser scanning in […]