About the Summer Excavation 2014

We’ll be digging at Basing House from
21st July – 14th August 2014

This summer the Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton and Hampshire County Council Museums Service, will be excavating at Basing House.

We are lucky to have volunteers from the Basingstoke Archaeological and Historical Society on site with us.

We are also planning to have visitors from the University of York’s Centre for Digital Heritage (watch this space for more news!).

Please come join us on site between the 21st July and the 14th August to see what we are uncovering at Basing House.

Follow our Twitter account (@BasingHouseDig) and our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/BasingHouseCAT) for behind the scenes info.

Season 2014 Aims

The major areas of investigation for the Summer 2014 season are:

— the New House, for which the University generated some geophysical data in 2013

— the newly discovered fireplace area within the ringwork

— a section of ditch adjacent to the excavation area from 2013.

Research Questions for the New House Excavation

1. To gain a better understanding of the form and arrangement  of the New House and to think about different phases of building.

2. To consider the appearance of the house within the landscape.

3. To connect plans from the early excavations to the archaeology and see how accurate the original plans were

4. To better understand how the New House was destroyed and whether there were multiple stages to this process.

Spring 2014 Geophysical Survey

In March-April 2013 and again in the Summer of 2013, staff and students worked at Basing House to carry out an extensive geophysical survey. We were delighted with the amount of data we were able to collect. Read all about the survey here: Spring Survey This year we are hoping to continue the survey on Basingstoke Common. Read the Interim Report 2013 to find out about last year’s results.

Quick Links (to be added soon)

Other Activities & Events Calendar

We’ve got lots of other activities planned, including a digitisation project and the opportunity to see our Artist-in-Residence at work; you can read more about these plans and more on our ‘Other Activities’ page to follow later this month. You can also check out our Events Calendar once it is online for this year’s season.

Meet the Team

There are many people involved in making this excavation possible. We’ve been adding profiles to this website, so that you can meet us here and find out more about our specialisms, and more importantly, about what we are helping with at Basing House: Meet the Team


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