Interim Report 2014 – Recording Methodology

Recording Methodology

The excavation was recorded by staff and supervised students using University of Southampton context sheets. This archive was supplemented by a dig diary kept by staff. A conventional digital photographic record of the site was recorded with all contexts and finds photographed in plan. Plan and elevation drawings were made onsite where appropriate.

Specific features were documented in high resolution 3D using photogrammetry. This technique was also used to document the entire excavated area at the end of the excavation period. These data have been added to the survey data, digitised drawings and digital photographic data in order to produce a comprehensive 3D record of the excavation.

Hampshire Cultural Trust worked with Jude Jones on the conservation and storage of the small finds from this season. The University of Southampton has temporary care of the data, and will ensure that this is accessible for 2015 season. The archive will be deposited with the Archaeological Data Service in due course.

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