Civil War Inspired Music

Each day that we’re digging, we’ll be driving to site from the University of Southampton to Basing House. That means that each day we have nearly two hours to fill.  We’ve been putting together a Civil War themed playlist to wile away the time. So far, we only have 8 or so tracks.  That’s alot of repeats!

Contributions to the list are therefore gratefully accepted!

Spotify Civil War Playlist



  1. There are some songs related to the civil war in the album English Rebel Songs 1381–1984 by the band Chumbawamba.

    1. Ah yes! We’d forgotten about that one! Good call. Thanks!

  2. Was going to suggest Chumbawamba – The Diggers’ Song

  3. Billy Bragg – Which Side Are You On?

  4. Warwick Louth · · Reply

    Rev Hammer-Freeborn John (The Story of John Lilburne)
    Tarleton’s Jig-Elizabethan Street Songs (Bit early for siege, but would certainly still have been remembered within the Taverns)
    Anything by the Oxford Waites, just come back from a reenactment where I’ve heard, fantastic
    Steeleye Span-Montrose and They Called Her Babylon- Firstly about Montrose, the leader of Royalist Forces in Scotland, second about the defence of Lathom House in mid 1644 by Lady Derby)
    The New Queen’s Ha’penny Consort (Again Elizabethan, although typical of court music of the time)
    Babylon is Fallen (Marching psalm of New Model Army)
    When the King Enjoys his Own Again
    Over the Hills and Far Away (Although linked to the Sharpe TV series, the original tune and words appear in Playford’s Tune Book The English Dancing Master in 1651)
    Drink Old England Dry
    Vive le Roy
    I Live Not Where I Love
    And that’s everything I can honestly think of. Happy listening, look forward to meeting you all tomorrow 🙂

  5. Deborah Knight · · Reply

    Stop the cavalry by Jona Lewie

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