Meet the Team – Dan Joyce

Dan Joyce, digging in Italy

Dan Joyce, digging in Italy

Dan was the student supervisor for the 2013 Summer fieldwork season

2013 interview:

What will you be doing at Basing House?

Supervising some diggers and experiment with some random recording methods.

What you are hoping to experience at Basing House?

Some exciting archaeology and a slight rest from dissertation writing.

What’s the unique thing that attracts you to Basing House?

The shear amount of different archaeology that is on site.

What you do when you’re not at Basing House?

Think about Basing House as I am doing my dissertation on it!



  1. […] you are interested in our equipment, you can speak to Dan when you are on site. He is the Excavation Supervisor and will be able to talk you through what we […]

  2. […] Dan Joyce, our trench supervisor for the 2013 summer field season last year, has written a blog post to summarise his major dissertation project. […]

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