Site Visit (in the snow)

We met with the Keeper of Archaeology at Basing House a few weeks ago to begin to plan the Summer excavations. As you can see it was a snowy day! The site looked gorgeous with a white covering, and the snow meant that the trenches from the 1960s that we are going to be working on this Summer showed up a treat!

Five people stand with their backs to the camera in the centre of the standing remains of the Old House at Basing House. They are all wearing coats with hoods up and it is snowing gently. The landscape around them is covered in snow. One person is pointing towards the archaeological remains.

Enjoying the snow at Basing House

Because the site looks so beautiful in all seasons, I’ve had a look through the Basing House photos on Flickr from the last few years and added a few below for you to enjoy.

Basing House in the snow, January 2010

A view of the Great Barn at Basing House in the snow, January 2010

The Great Barn, Summer 2006

Stormy skies over the Elizabethan Knot Garden (reconstruction) on site.

Clearing the previous year’s community archaeology dig site in the sweltering May sunshine, 2010.


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